• What Do I Do? Stuff.

    Frustrated man is frustrated.


    Most of the entrepreneurs I know (including myself and the one I'm married to) start businesses because they love a product, service or idea, not because they love business. 


    Some of us grow to love business operations, some of us embrace it because we have to...and some of us put our heads down, focus on the thing(s) we're good at or comfortable with and hope that the "other stuff" - business operations, marketing - the stuff that triggers feelings of fear, inadequacy and anxiety will take care of itself. 


    It won't.


    And if your business is successful, your "other stuff" will accumulate and metastasize. Unless you change the way to think and work, your negative feelings spiral, hurting you, your family, your employees, your business in the process.


    It doesn't have to.


    I know this because I've lived it. I'm living it. The traits that made us successful entrepreneurs - self-directed, ambitious, visionary, tenacious, risk-tolerant - often get in the way of solving problems outside of our skill set or experience. "I'll figure it out" works until it doesn't, and when it doesn't, your plan B has to be better than, "I'll figure it out harder."


    Those traits also get in the way of asking for help, so you stay stuck in your negative feelings and your "other stuff" keeps not getting done. So your business falters, your health and relationships suffer and you find yourself sitting alone in a dimly lit room like the guy pictured above.


    That "other stuff" is what I started a business to address. I want to help small business owners face their "other stuff" and create a strategy for dealing with it. I want to help them create and install processes to prevent new "other stuff" from accumulating.


    So if you read this while thinking about all the "other stuff" you've been avoiding and you're tired of avoiding it, drop me a line. Maybe we can take care of some stuff together.